LED Drum Lighting Made Easy

With DrumLite™ you’ll have everything you need to bring the attention back to where it belongs: YOU!  Gone are the days of twirling your sticks hoping to catch the audience’s eye.  DrumLite™ lets you be the highlight of the show and gives your band a unique stage presence to stand out among the others.  Each LED DrumLite™ kit is plug and play and will get your drums lit up in minutes!  So whether you are a seasoned vet or just starting out with drums, come join us – give the drummer some – and lite up your skills!

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Brannon Brem DrumLites

Brannon Brem - HardWired

Let me just say I absolutely love the product & more importantly the level of service I have received with the guys at DrumLite. I have a lot of money vested in my Drums, (a Sonor Prolite drum kit). So I was cautiously optimistic about the Drumlite install & functionality of the product & whether or not it would have any adverse audible or acoustic effects on my drums. I can say with out any reservation that they are extremely easy to install and have made no negative effect on the sound of the drums period...be it mic'd or not. Now aesthetically speaking they have made a good looking drum kit, in my opinion, an absolutely STUNNING looking drum kit! We gig about once a month and have had no issues with functionality or durability with DrumLite. The drum kit right now...I truly believe, takes "center stage" where it belongs thanks to DrumLite.

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