Q: What effects does the DrumLite™ remote controller have?

A: See the video below to see the various colors/patterns that come with every DrumLite™ kit!

Q: What types of drumheads look best with DrumLites?

A: We tend to like clear or white drumheads ourselves, but feel free to check out our video and decide whatever your heart desires!

Q: How are DrumLite's Powered?

A: All kits are powered through a wall outlet power adapter. We can also do battery powered kits for marching applications upon request.

Q: Do you guys ship internationally?

A: Yes! We can ship DrumLites all over the world! Just make sure to choose the International Shipping option at checkout. Please note that our international shipping options do not cover VAT/Customs fees.

Q: How do the lights go in my drums?

A: Our DrumLite™snakes will allow for the connections to pass through the airvent hole of your drum:

Q: How are the DrumLites mounted in my drums?

A: All DrumLite™ LEDs come with high quality 3M brand foam backed adhesive to mount in your drums. The 3M foam backed adhesive better absorbes vibrations from the drums and is exclusively made for DrumLites™ so we can ensure the highest quality adhesive in the market.

Q: I am concerned the lights will afftect the sound of my drums?

A: No worries! We have done many different tests to perfect our DrumLite™ kits, and we can attest that our LEDs will not affect the sound of your drums - guaranteed.

Q: I have spent a bajillion dollars on my drums and I dont want anything to mess them up - will DrumLite™ leave residue on my drums?

A: Nope!  Due to our requirements that DrumLites are made with high quality 3M VHB tape, DrumLites will come with the most durable and consistent double sided tape out there.  These LEDs will not leave any residue behind on your shells.

Q: Will I be able to remove DrumLite™ from my drums?

A: You certainly can if you have to - but we wouldnt know why you would want to take them out!  However, the 3M VHB tape is really meant to be a one time use.  So if you were to remove the DrumLites from your kit, you would have to reapply new 3M tape in order to stick them back in your drums.  If you are looking to use DrumLites in multiple drumsets, we would recommend getting at least separate lights for each kit.

Q: How long will the LEDs in my DrumLites last? Will they ever burn out?

A:   Our DrumLite strips harness the latest LED technology providing the highest quality lighting for drums. To get nerdy, technically LEDs have a life span of roughly 23 years - if you were to keep them on all day every day 24/7/365!

Q: Can DrumLites be synced to an existing light show or computer software?

A: Yes!  If this is something you are interested in please check out our DMX options on our Add-Ons Page.

Q: Can DrumLites be triggered?

A: YES!  If you are interested in our full kit or bass drum triggers, please check it out here: Add-Ons Page

Q: What color do the snake cables come in?

A: All of our snake cables are black.  If you would like them in another color please contact

Q: How long are the snake cables for Drumlites?

A: All of our snake cables are 10ft long.  If you would like them longer please contact

Q: Can I return my DrumLite kit?

A: We accept returns for most kits purchased direct through our website within 30 days of order.  In order to recieve a full refund, all the contents of the kit must be unused and have the original order receipt.  Kits being used for applications other than drumsets or maching drums may not be eligible for full refunds.  DrumLite does not cover return shipping direct to our warehouse - any/all shipping options will be the sole responsibility of the buyer.  If your kit was purchased through an authorized drumlite dealer, the kit must be returned to the authorized dealer - not drumlite directly.