The Men Behind The Lights

DrumLite™ is Jeff Sevaldson Joey Nesbitt, and Colin Huntington. Being aspiring drummers looking to take their stage presence to the next level, an epiphany occurred between Jeff and Joey late one night in April of 2011 and the rest is history:

Learn about the DrumLite Crew:

Jeff Sevaldson Joey Nesbitt

Jammin Jeff Sevaldson
Hometown: Wheaton, IL
Years Playing drums: 15
Favorite Band: Smashing Pumpkins
Favorite Drummer: Dave Grohl
Favorite Food: Ice Cream
Preferred Socks: Low Rise Hanes
Fav DrumLite Moment: Witnessing Joey fall asleep anywhere at any given moment - the dude can sleep standing up!

Jazzy Joey Nesbitt
Hometown: Sioux Falls, SD
Years Playing Drums: 17
Favorite Band: Umphrey's McGee
Favorite Drummer: Steve Jordan
Favorite Food: Sweet Potato Tots
Preferred Socks: None
Fav DrumLite Moment: Explaining Geometry to Jeff

Colin Huntington  

Crazy Colin Huntington
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Years Playing drums: 9
Favorite Band: Fall Out Boy/The Roots
Favorite Drummer: Tony Royster Jr/Questlove
Favorite Food: Sushi
Preferred Socks: Penguin
Fav DrumLite Moment: Dancing on Joey and Jeff as they try to be productive, always a good time!