DrumLites for Wood Drums




1 RGB LED DrumLite strip custom fit for each drum.

Quick Plug ‘n Play Setup - No soldering. No drilling. No cutting.

Custom Black XLR Snake Cables

Our Difference


  • DrumLite LED Strips are custom made to fit your specific drum sizes
  • Easy plug and play connections for quick take down and storage
  • All DrumLite LED strips are RGB which let you have countless color capabilities
  • DrumLite's Lightweight LED strips do not alter the sound of your drums
  • High quality 3M foam-backed adhesive tape absorbs the vibration of the drum and does not leave any residue behind on your kit**
  • Full DrumLite Support – you send us a pic and we will put you on our website, facebook, and twitter!

**exclusive to DrumLite

Sizes Available


  • Rack Tom Sizes 6-13"
  • Snare Drum sizes 10-14"
  • Floor Tom sizes 14-18"
  • Bass Drum sizes 18-28"





  • Every DrumLite Kit comes with Standard DrumLite Controller and Wireless Remote
  • 8 different static colors
  • 6 different flashing and fading modes
  • Control box with on-board controls
  • 20 button remote controller
  • Custom XLR snake with black cables
  • AC Power Supply

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